Tinkering Belles with Tamara Robertson

Tinkering Belles - Kari Byron

May 26, 2021 Tamara Robertson / Kari Byron Season 1 Episode 4
Tinkering Belles with Tamara Robertson
Tinkering Belles - Kari Byron
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Do you love Explosions,  Redefining Edutainment and general Maker Shop Talk? 

If so, join Tamara Robertson (Mythbusters, Maker Science, Seekers of Science) as she kicks off with a Tech Talk about C4 then sits down with Host, Producer and Maker Kari Byron (Crash Test World,  EXPLR Media, Crash Test Girl, Mythbusters).

For almost two decades Kari Byron has been a strong presence in the world of reality-based science and adventure television. She is best known as a host on Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters but has gone on to host and produce shows spanning several networks. 

Currently, Crash Test World, which she hosts and produces, is both airing globally and being used in classrooms. After being presented at the AFS Global Education Conference, Crash Test World is recommended by the US State Department and Education Ministers around the world to be utilized as a remote education resource. 

Kari's biggest project yet launches June 1st  with creator Jenny Buccos of Project Explorer fame.  EXPLR Media goes live as a streaming resource of "smart content for curious kids", short format shows with lesson plans for teachers and parents. 

 Topics they cover include (but are surely not limited to):
- Mythbusters
- EXPLR Media
- Crash Test World
- Anthony Bourdain
- Manner Monsters
- Crash Test Girl
 - Normalizing Women in a Shop
- Lucas Ranch
- Comicon
- Leatherman Wave
- Star Wars Myths
- Farting in Public
- Putting the "A" in STEAM with Explosives
- Telekinesis
- Things we shouldn't learn from the Internet
... and so much more

This is the 4th episode of Tinkering Belles and you're surely not going to want to miss it!

So join in on Tamara's adventure as a Maker as she works to amplify the BAMF Females Behind the Builds one interview at a time! 

Are you a visual person who needs to see all the cool moments?  Head over to the "Tinkering Belles" Playlist on Youtube to see all the fun behind the scenes moments from this episode!

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You can follow Kari's adventures here, here, and here:
Web - Kari Byron
Instagram - @TheRealKariByron
Twitter -  @KariByron
EXPLR Media Kickstarter - EXPLR Smart Content for Curious Kids
Book - Crash Test Girl
New Show - Crash Test World on Science Channel!
Mythbusters Bio - Kari Byron 

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